It’s fun to see the reaction of people when we tell them that The Ukramedia Podcast is run by a twin brother.

Their mind goes BOOM!

Many know Ukramedia for their quick tips and tricks presented by our one-and-only, Sergei Prokhnevskiy. He fills Youtube with tutorials that have helped thousands of people in their careers as Motion designers. But did you know that behind the scenes there’s another guy?

Meet Vladimir, formally known as the host of the Ukramedia Podcast!

Vladimir has a passion for video and radio. He loves the art of telling a story and being a great communicator. But just like many others, Vladimir found himself waking up for his nine-to-five job every day, with very little room for creativity or growth.

To get himself motivated for his new day, he would listen to episodes of his favorite podcast shows. These podcasts fueled him with ideas for Ukramedia, a dream that was created at age 12.

As Ukramedia started becoming a reality, Vladimir wanted to be a breath of motivation for someone who was experiencing what he had experienced earlier.

With this idea in mind, he searched near and far for creative individuals. He wanted them to share their journey and inspire those listening. Not only that, he wanted to give our listeners a way to acquire useful information that will take them forward, not keep them in place.

After much work and determination, the Ukramedia Podcast was born!
Take a listen. We’d say it’s worth every minute of your morning commute.

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