Week in Review: JR Canest Interview, Book Sergei Prokhnevskiy, & SmartL3RD

JORGE ROLANDO CANEDO ESTRADA - JR Canest - Ukramedia Podcast
Ukramedia Podcast

“Don’t Let Your Work Be Your Identity” – J.R. Canest

This week on the Ukramedia Podcast, we had the pleasure of speaking with the one and only Jorge Canedo, also known as JR Canest.

This is a man who doesn’t really need an introduction because there’s a good chance you’ve already heard of him…

He is the Founder of Wine After Coffee and Blend Festival in Vancouver, Canada.

He worked for some big studios like Giant Ant and Buck. Jorge recently launched his own studio called Ordinary Folk.

In this episode, we talk about his family life, his creative journey, and his new studio.

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Here’s a thought!

When you use time-saving tools, you can do more of what you actually enjoy…

smartL3RD is our latest time-saving tool, that lets you create custom modular lower thirds from just a single After Effects Template.

smartL3RD is a Keyframe-less & Modular Lower Third Template for Adobe After Effects.

Features include:

  • Keyframe-less animation with 12 easing options
  • Duration controller with offset options
  • Alternative text and shape animation options
  • Shape skew and roundness options
  • Animated stroke with advanced options
  • Advanced stroke, text, color and spacing options

..and the list goes on

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Book Ukramedia!

If you happen to be strolling the streets of Madrid this week, you might just see our very own Sergei Prokhnevskiy! Sergei is training a team on Expressions in After Effects. If you’re looking to have Ukramedia help your Motion Graphics department/team, contact us at [email protected]! And don’t worry… No team? Not a problem. Individual consultation/tutoring is available.

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