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  • I am working on a list of all mograph online resources. Which ones would you recommend? List as many as you can think of. It can be tutorials, courses, scripts, podcasts, blogs, books, and etc… Thank you in advance! (Read More)
  • Hi, I have an issue I can’t solve, maybe you have an idea. I’m rendering a logo animation from AE containing a Cinema 4D lite (limited!). Someday I managed to render it very clear but as I now made some adjustments and want to render it again it is showing me some noise (left side) and I don’t know how to get rid of it. I did many google searches but I didn’t find a solution as most tutorials talk about the full version, not lite. Any ideas? I also don’t know which render settings to adjust, the ones in Cinema 4D, or the ones in AE to improve the rendering (Read More)

Rendering a logo animation from AE containing a Cinema 4D lite

  • Hi, I’m trying to write an expression for a mogrt template that would allow the user to change the colour of different words within a sentence.Here’s my set up:I have a a control text layer with the source text property added to the Essential Graphics panel.How can I set up an expression so that when the user adds a “^” before a word those words are changed to a different colour?So, if the user typed: “Hello, ^how are you ^today?” into the source text field, the words “how” and “today?” would be a different colour.I know I need to add the expression to an Expression Selector property on the text layer but I’ve looked all over the internet and can’t find a solution that works.Any ideas? Thanks (Read More)
  • Sports Motion Graphics in Blender! I’m planning on releasing this tutorial to YouTube soon. (Read More)

Sports Motion Graphics in Blender

  • Hey guys, Is there a way to control keyframes by a controller like in the screenshot below? Having a lot of keyframes In and OUT makes it hard to each time select the In or Out keyframes to adjust them according to the timeline duration. Thanks! Solution: Thanks to David Sikes exactly what I was looking for, Motion 3 – Animo, Bind Keyframes animations to Controller. (Read More) *Video solution includedControl Keyframes After Effects
  • So I’m developing a question sheet I can ask clients before I start a project and need your help. these questions may come up through conversation or through writing. Can you guys add or take away or even edit any of these to help me make sure I’m not missing anything?Purpose of the video:What is the goal of the video
    Who is the target audience?
    What are my key messages?
    What emotion are we trying to evoke?
    What challenges do viewers face?
    What are the actions you want the viewer to take after watching this video?
    How will you measure if the video was successful?


    Is the video part of an on-going campaign or a stand-alone piece?
    Are there branding designs already established for this video?
    What specific visuals should be captured?
    Are there examples you’ve seen that help describe what you want?

    Point of Contact:

    Who is the ultimate client for this video project?
    Who will be my POC for modifications/revisions/approvals?
    Who needs to approve the final video?
    Will I communicate with the client or go through the POC?

    Budget and Time:

    What is the project budget?
    What percent of the budget are for video shooting/graphics and animation/editing/filling?
    Is there a length range you prefer this video to be?
    What is your ideal start date?
    When would you like to see the first draft?
    What date do you expect the final video?


    Will there be a script? If so, who is responsible for it?
    Is there music or voice over talent already chosen for this video?
    What is the resolution and aspect ratio? (16:9, 1080, 2k, 4k, others?)
    What is the final output? (Digital file, Film, DVD?) (Read More)

  • Hi everyone, Not sure if this is the right place to post this, so delete if not.I urgently need to buy a monitor for motion design and editing…Please can anyone advise on the minimum specs I need to look for, so I can work out how much to spend? I’m on a budget but can be flexible. Not looking for super high end. Sorry, this is so vague, but they seem to be available at every price point so I’m not sure which specs to prioritize/ compromise. For example, would a £300 budget get something decent, or is it worth investing more (and why)?Many thanks! (Read More)

This is just a glimpse of what is happening in our Free Facebook Mentoring Group. We have a very active group with thousands of members and hundreds of posts each month. It is an excellent place to grow and network with other motion designers from around the world. Join us!

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July 6, 2020

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