Shape Layer in After Effects

In this video tutorial, I will go over Shape Layers in After Effects. SHAPE LAYERS IN AFTER EFFECTS:

00:05 Vectors vs Raster

02:46 Shape Layer vs Solid Layer

06:36 Parametric vs Bezier Shape Path

11:02 How to Open Shape Path

11:31 Bezier vs RotoBezier

13:04 Fill & Stroke

17:21 Center Anchor Point in New Shape Layer

18:18 Advanced Masking

19:52 Convert Text & Vector Layers into Shape Layers

20:55 Move Paths Between Illustrator & After Effects

22:11 Working with Multiple Shapes

28:35 Shape Attributes

34:56 Convert Points to Nulls

37:49 smartREKT (

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August 13, 2018

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