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“Success Follows Passions” – Michael Jones

Michael Jones is the founder of an online motion graphics school called MoGraph Mentor. He also launched a physical campus in beautiful Sarasota, Florida called Create Academy.

In this episode, we talk about Michael’s creative journey, his family life, and all the great things that are happening at MoGraph Mentor and Create Academy. 

Most importantly, we find out why Michael loves Tommy Bahama shirts…

NAB 2019

RECAP: Ukramedia at NAB 2019!

Last week, Sergei had an AWESOME opportunity to speak at NAB with Adobe!

Sergei spoke on his work helping FOX sports convert all graphics into Motion Graphics templates for NASCAR, which uses an Adobe Premiere Pro workflow.

Sergei also shared the role that Expressions in After Effects played in the transition.

If you didn’t attend his session or never saw the LIVE stream, you’re not completely out of luck! You can still watch it here!

YouTube Video

12 New Features for Expression Editor in After Effects 16.1

Video Outline:

  1. Line Numbers & Syntax Highlighting
  2. Optional Inline Error Message
  3. Word Selection
  4. Tabs
  5. Spaces
  6. Adjustable Font Size
  7. Braces
  8. Optional Code Folding (4 styles)
  9. Auto-Closing Quotes
  10. Auto-Complete
  11. Word Wrapping
  12. Update Legacy Expressions Script
Sergei Prokhnevskiy - NAB 2019 - Adobe After Effects - Ukramedia

NAB 2019

Expressions Editor 2019

Sergei had a chance to be part of Adobe’s fun feature video highlighting the all-new Expressions editor. You can watch Adobe’s video here!

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April 15, 2019

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