082: Learn as Much as You Can about Your Chosen Field – Rodolphe Pierre-Louis

Rodolphe Pierre-Louis Ukramedia Podcast Interview

It was a pleasure speaking with Rodolphe Pierre-Louis, an Award-Winning Filmmaker, Visual Effects Artist, and Entrepreneur from Port-au-Prince, Haiti!

Rodolphe is the Founder and CEO of ActionVFX, the Film industry’s leading source for Visual Effects stock footage.

Because of his work at ActionVFX, he was awarded the StudioDaily 50 Award, which honored the top 50 creatives and technologists of 2017.

“Learn as much as you can about the field. Don’t worry too much about being a specialist when you’re starting out…You’ll have a much better understanding of the whole process as opposed to just knowing one thing, [in which] then you have blind spots. I never would have been able to start ActionVFX if I didn’t already know how to shoot, direct a set and do visual effects. All those things had to merge into one thing.”


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