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Modular Lower Third: Set Up Instructions - Adobe After Effects Expressions

After Effects Expressions Course

Expressions Course Update

Many of you have inquired about our Expression’s Course update.

Good news! We have completed our recording for MOST of the teaching on “How to Create a Modular Lower Third” for our Expressions Course!

Release date is set on May 14th. 

You can view the Intro to Section 1 of the teaching here:

  • Section 2 will be about Animation
  • Section 3 will be about converting it into a Motion Graphics Template for Premiere Pro.
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Ukramedia Podcast

Ukramedia Podcast

DAILY Podcast Episodes ALL OF MAY

Jessica La Ukramedia Podcast Interview

“Set Aside Your Ego”- Jessica La

it was a pleasure speaking with Designer, Illustrator and Animator, Jessica La. We love what she had to say about growth in your career and her inspirations. Every creative has a unique journey and it was fun to hear about Jessica’s.

Greg Stewart Ukramedia Podcast

“Make Stuff That Means Stuff” – Greg Stewart

Art Director and Animator, Greg Stewart talks to us about his creative journey, beginning from theology and then to video work, each step propelling him to his current role today with Ordinary Folk. He fuels us with great advice in regards to freelancing and what helps him with creativity. We loved Greg’s emphasis on producing meaning work!

Bob Bergen Ukramedia Podcast Interview

“Never Worry About Money” – Bob Bergen

It was a huge honor to speak with animation voiceover artist Bob Bergen! With 29 years experience in the industry, Bob fuels us with great advice, awesome stories and a heck of a creative journey.

Fun Fact about Mr. Bergen: He is the voice of Porky Pig and Tweety Bird!

“Make and Share as Much as Possible”- Chris Koelsch

It was a great conversation with animator and illustrator, Chris Koelsch, owner of This ‘n That studio in Columbus, Ohio! In this episode, Chris tells us how he made the transition from working full-time to freelancing, what he did that help him acquire clients and how he keeps a work-life balance.

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Free Timer/Stopwatch for Premiere Pro & After Effects

YouTube Video

Free Timer/Stopwatch for Premiere Pro & After Effects

We are giving away a free timer rig for Premiere Pro as a motion graphic template, known as MOGRT, and also for Adobe After Effects as a preset. Watch our tutorial as we walk you through what this looks like in both programs!

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YouTube Video

12 New Features for Expression Editor in After Effects 16.1

Video Outline:

  1. Line Numbers & Syntax Highlighting
  2. Optional Inline Error Message
  3. Word Selection
  4. Tabs
  5. Spaces
  6. Adjustable Font Size
  7. Braces
  8. Optional Code Folding (4 styles)
  9. Auto-Closing Quotes
  10. Auto-Complete
  11. Word Wrapping
  12. Update Legacy Expressions Script
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Sergei Prokhnevskiy - NAB 2019 - Adobe After Effects - Ukramedia

NAB 2019

Expressions Editor 2019

Sergei had a chance to be part of Adobe’s fun feature video highlighting the all-new Expressions editor. You can watch Adobe’s video here!

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May 10, 2019

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