After Effects Tip: Duration Between Keyframes & Markers

As motion designers, we all work with keyframes and markers inside of Adobe After Effects every day. There are times when it is helpful to know the exact duration of the two keyframes or markers in the After Effects timeline. Most of us work on tight deadlines and do not have the time to manually count the exact amount of frames between two keyframes or markers. Fortunately, there is a much better and faster way to do that. Let me show you how to do it. Let’s dive right in!

Alright, we are in After Effects. I have two keyframes in my timeline.

Keyframes in After Effects timeline

Duration Between Two Keyframes

Let’s find out how many frames are these two keyframes apart from each other. One way to do it is by snapping my time indicator right on the first keyframe.

Time Indicator Adobe After Effects

Then press SHIFT+PAGE DOWN to go ten frames and then press PAGE DOWN to go frame by frame. So these two keyframes are exactly 15 frames apart. In other words, the duration of these two keyframes is 15 frames.

Duration of frames in After Effects

That’s great and all, but let me show you how to find the duration between the two keyframes much quicker. After all, time is money.

First, we have to make sure our info panel is visible.

Info Panel After Effects

If you do not see the info panel, go to Window on the top menu bar and make sure the info option is checked.

Info checked in window After Effects

Once your Info option is checked, go back to your timeline, hold down ALT+LEFT CLICK on the PC/OPT+LEFT CLICK on a Mac, then LEFT CLICK at the same time on your first keyframe.

Alt left click After Effects keyframe

Next, press ALT+LEFT CLICK on the PC/OPT+LEFT CLICK on a Mac on the second keyframe in your After Effects timeline.

Alt left click second keyframe After Effects

As you do that, you should see the exact duration between keyframes displayed inside of the info panel at the right top corner of your screen. It should say, the duration between keyframes is 00015 frames.

Duration between frames After Effects

Duration Between Two Markers

We can do the same thing to the markers. For example, I can ALT+LEFT CLICK on the PC/OPT+LEFT CLICK on a Mac on the first marker in our After Effects Timeline.

Alt click on the first market in After Effects

Next, I’ll ALT+LEFT CLICK on the PC/OPT+LEFT CLICK on a Mac on the second marker. When I do that, you should see the duration between markers printed in the Info panel. It should say the duration between keyframes is 00040, which means 40 frames.

Duration Between Two Markers in After Effects

We can test it to make sure it is 40 frames. To do that, I’m going to move my time indicator over the first marker and press SHIFT+PAGE DOWN to go ten frames at a time. Then press RIGHT ARROW key on the keyboard four times, which is 40 frames.

Shift Page Down Timeline Marker After Effects

That’s very useful. Unfortunately, we cannot use the same method to find the duration between two composition markers. That’s the only limitation.

Composition Markers After Effects

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About the author:

Sergei Prokhnevskiy

Sergei Prokhnevskiy is a Charlotte, NC based motion graphics designer, an online tutor, an entrepreneur, and Adobe MAX Master Speaker. Sergei is known for his quick and practical After Effects tips and tricks on YouTube, where he generated well over 6 million views on his tutorials. He has authored an online video course on After Effects Expressions and developed scripts for After Effects. He is also a former senior motion graphics designer at Fox Sports where he worked on graphics for NFL, Super Bowl, MLB, World Series, College Football, NASCAR, Women’s World Cup, and NASCAR Race Hub. He is very passionate about learning and teaching others.


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