068: Don’t Be Afraid to Dive in – Reuben Lara

Reuben Lara Ukramedia Podcast Interview

An excellent communicator and great storyteller, we almost forgot that we were interviewing him!…

Illustrator and Animator Reuben Lara tells us about his journey and the influence his mentors had on him at a very young age. Reuben talks to us about his approach to client work along with purposeful work and when you should (and shouldn’t) share your ideas with clients.

He also tells us more about his Marker Remap script that is available on aescripts, so check it out! (https://aescripts.com/marker-remap/)

“I have learned over the years to set aside my emotional connection to my work in the right ways. You have to be emotionally connected of course, and you have to care about what you’re doing, but you have to care more about how your work is accomplishing its purpose.”Rueben Lara

Marker Remap: aescripts.com/marker-remap
Website: ReubenLara.com
Youtube: youtube.com/reubenlara
Gumroad: gumroad.com/reubenlara
Instagram: Instagram.com/reubenlaraart

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