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Learn Motion Design Workflow

Learn the highly effective workflow system that helps you navigate through motion design projects like a pro — saving you from common hurdles like creative blocks, client miscommunications, excessive revisions and more.


Ever wonder why some projects go smoothly while others don’t? It’s tempting to blame clients or some circumstances outside of your control, but what if the problem is mostly on your end? Creativity and technical skill alone are not enough to be successful in motion design. It’s also the quality of your workflow that helps determine whether or not your next project will go off the rails. Without an effective workflow, designers are bound to experience creative blocks, costly disruptions and inconsistent results.

In this course, instructor Dmitriy Prokhnevskiy shares his practical insights from over 400 completed projects for brands like Proctor & Gamble, Nationwide Insurance and Honda to help you assemble an effective workflow for motion design work.

Course Curriculum

1.1 Overview FREE 00:01:54
2.1 Overview 00:01:11
2.2 Connecting with the Client 00:04:43
2.3 Gathering Information 00:02:58
2.4 Creative Brief Questionnaire 00:10:33
3.1 Overview 00:05:01
3.2 Finding Inspiration 00:04:06
3.3 Moodboards 00:03:41
4.1 Overview 00:02:25
4.2 Styleframes 00:02:25
4.3 Storyboards 00:03:53
4.4 Animatics 00:02:18
5.1 Overview 00:01:09
5.2 Project Organization 00:07:03
5.3 After Effects Workflow 00:11:27
6.1 Overview 00:04:03
7.1 Overview 00:01:04
7.2 Benefits of a Case Study 00:03:13
7.3 Case Study: A Closer Look 00:08:52
8.1 Overview 00:01:01

Course Reviews


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  1. 5

    A very straightforward course that reiterated things that I already knew, but in my current job most of these things are looked over even though I say time and time again that they are necessary. Since I’ve had pushback from day one, I’ve sort of just went withthe flow, but I think it’s time to sit with the powers that be and make them understand that this workflow is necessary and important. Thanks for re-grounding me.

    So, if you didn’t have any kind of schooling for design (web/graphic/motion etc) , you probably don’t know many of these basic concepts and it will be of upmost importance for you to study and implement. If you did go to school for some sort of design then you’ve probably learned a form of this same concept, but maybe you need a refresher.

  2. Essential Knowledge needed!


    Really enjoyed this course by Dmitriy, very easy to understand and I would high recommend this for all motion and animation designer to gain brilliant insight into work world of motion design. Perhaps a few more case studies to see how other project work with the same workflow formal would have help, but love the simple break down the to process which preparation is larger the key to process. Look forward to see what other course are upcoming if like these two so far.

  3. Well Done, Thank you!


    The Topic with the Case Studies, where very useful!

  4. Great resource. If you are early in your career, this is essential knowledge


    Even though I’ve been in the industry for quite some time, and about 10 years of that in Freelance, I wanted to take a look at this course as I am quite honestly, not fully satisfied with my process. Even with that experience, I found this both informative and even found through it some opportunities to polish my workflow into something both more enjoyable and more effective. What I did know, this also provided a great refresher and underscored the importance of certain steps I admittedly haven’t been the best at following, but plan to make more of an effort to include.

    I do wish the production section itself was bit more elaborated on, as I think there’s plenty of areas where the workflow can benefit from a more detailed take on how to organize and work through the tasks and challenges of that step.

  5. Great Course!


    With a very straightforward explanation and concentrated content, it really helps me to understand the importance of having a good workflow. And I think the concept is applicable not only for motion design only, but also to the other type of works as well.
    Since I’m new in this creative industry, I don’t really understand the difference between the case study and demo reel. So, maybe some more explanation and examples of case studies would be a great help.
    But still, I think I’ll view this course again and again in the future, to refresh me again.

  6. A Fantastic Career Investment!


    I had some downtime as I began a freelance motion design project when I decided to take this course. The structure and tools Dmitriy laid out were so beneficial that I contacted my client immediately. I gained some insightful clarification that I think will result in a final product they will be happy with, and I will be proud to put my name on.
    The workflow highlighted in this course requires some effort to be invested at the beginning of a project. But that work will make every step through to completion infinitely more manageable and less stressful for all parties involved.
    I can’t recommend this course enough!

  7. From today I will look at clients from a different point of view


    This course describes exactly what does it mean to deal with clients and set up a project.
    From the idea till the final render.
    Explained very well and covers all the point of the creative process.

  8. Practical and Helpful


    This course provides simple and practical structure for motion design workflow. I found it very helpful, not only did it confirm what I already knew but I learned some new tips (specifically the PreVis section) that I’ll definitely be using in my next projects. Well worth the price.

  9. Thank you!


    It was a comfort to watch the videos on the Workflow. I was amazed at how plain-spoken you were teaching the techniques that caused me a lot of grief (because I did not practice them). I will say that you left one “reason” out of your enumeration, pride. I have noticed that when I humble myself, revisions don’t seem to bother me as much.
    You have given us a real plan to utilize in creating for others as well as organizational techniques to help us keep it together.
    May God richly bless you,

  10. Concise and to the point


    Refreshing to see a tutorial without a lot of fluff. Found it very concise and to the point. As an design industry vet, this tutorial pretty much hit on what I already knew from the print end spectrum. For someone breaking into motion design (like me), this is valuable info to share.

  11. Ukramedia Is Truly A Lifesaver


    I’ve had my own media production company for around 2 years. Small project here and there. Once we started to get more clients we became very disorganized and sloppy. If I had this course from the company’s inception it would have made expansion easy and clean. I’ve been watching Sergei on YouTube for years and recently decided this man has helped me for free long enough and purchased this course. Worth. Every. Penny. Will get you to think about your business in a more structured way which will lead to having more fun with your projects instead of chasing all of your mistakes. Ukramedia Rocks!

  12. Motion Design Workflow Review

    Great course!! Simple but clear course with a lot of great information. I especially loved the Case Studies portion of it. I look forward to checking out more course from Ukramedia and Dmitriy

  13. Motion Design Workflow Review

    Great course!! Simple but clear course with a lot of great information. I especially loved the Case Studies portion of it. I look forward to checking out more course from Ukramedia and Dmitriy. The review stars was acting wonky for me, definitely a 5 star rating!!

  14. Great Course!


    I would have liked the files to be available in another format than in design. Other than that, this was a quick course to get structure for the Workflow.

  15. Excellent!


    Thank you Dmitriy!
    The Motion Design Workflow course has helped to add clarity to my process and cemented and refined existing steps in my existing workflow.

    The course is clear, concise, engaging and achievable.

    Many thanks!

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