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How to Animate Logos & Icons in After Effects

How to Animate Vector Logos & Icons in After Effects from Ukramedia’s co-founder, Sergei Prokhnevskiy

    • – Instant Access to 2 Hours and 35 Minutes of Detailed and Fast-Paced Video Lessons!
    • – On-Screen Keyboard Shortcuts
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    • – Playback Speed Controls
    • – Project File
    • NOTE: This Training Is Streaming Only
    • Things to Know When Working with Shape Layers
    • Video Duration:  01:07:37
    • 00:00:45 – Parametric Shape
    • 00:02:51 – Bezier Path
    • 00:04:23 – How to Open Shape Paths
    • 00:05:14 – RotoBezier Path
    • 00:07:23 – Fill & Stroke
    • 00:12:18 – Center Anchor Point
    • 00:15:32 – Converting Text & Vector Layers into Shape Layers
    • 00:17:41 – Working with Multiple Shapes
    • 00:23:30 – How to Collapse, Solo, & Hide Properties
    • 00:26:02 – Timeline Search Bar
    • 00:28:16 – Shape Attributes/Operations
    • 00:31:28 – Practical Example of Shape Attributes/Operations
    • 00:38:08 – Motion Blur
    • 00:39:20 – Drawing Masks on Shape Layers
    • 00:42:28 – Converting Masks into Shapes
    • 00:43:52 – Masking with Set Matte Effect
    • 00:48:37 – Set Matte Effects Limits
    • 00:56:22 – Create Nulls from Paths
    • 01:02:53 – Create a Motion Path from a Path
    • 01:05:22 – Move Paths Between Illustrator & After Effects
    • The Basics of Keyframe Animation
    • Video Duration:  00:26:25
    • 00:00 – Keyframe Easing
    • 08:14 – Keyframe Velocity & Speed Graph
    • 14:57 – Working with Multiple Keyframes
    • 19:24 – BOUNCr Script by Tim Thiessen
    • How to Animate a Vector Icon
    • Video Duration:  00:29:11
    • How to Animate a Vector Logo
    • Video Duration:  00:22:06
    • Different Ways to Export the Composition
    • Video Duration:  00:10:20
    • 00:00 – Render Queue
    • 06:05 – Edit Original
    • 07:33 – Adobe Media Encoder (Animated GIF)

Q: When can I start learning?
A: ASAP! You will get instant access to all videos right after purchase.

Q: Is the software included with the course?
A: No, the software is not included with the course. After Effects is the software we’ll be using in this course and you will have to buy it from adobe.com.

Q: What is your refund policy?
A: This course comes with a 30-day money back guaranteed. If you don’t like the course or if it wasn’t what you were expecting, simply email us and we’ll give you the full refund, no questions asked.

Q: Will I always have access to the class or is it just for a limited time?
A: You will always have access to this course after the purchase.

Q: Will I get the whole course right way, or will it be available over a period of time?
A: You will get all available course content right away.

Q: Can I download this course?
A: We don’t currently offer downloads of the training videos. You must be logged in to your Ukramedia account to access the training videos.

Course Curriculum

The Basics
Things to Know When Working with Shape Layers 01:07:37
The Basics of Keyframe Animation 00:26:25
How to Animate a Vector Icon 00:29:11
How to Animate a Vector Logo 00:22:06
Exporting the Composition
Different Ways to Export the Composition 00:10:20

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  1. Excellent Course


    While my AE skill level is in the medium range, it still feels like there’s a lot of the basics that I don’t have a good grasp on. This is the perfect kind of course to help with that.

  2. Interesting animation course


    thank you for this course, appreciated the detailed info on explaining the basics as am a new to AE. thanks again.

  3. Excellent Course


    I really learned so much in this course that has already made my After Effects work go much smoother. He really takes the time to break down how to do things to achieve your goals, as well as offering alternate methods to approach a solution. Sometimes 2 or 3 different methods. And he explains in details why.

    As a matter of fact, I used both Track Mat and Set Mat technique in the same project, because I needed the functionality of both!

    Thanks Sergei, I’ll definitely be a repeat customer!

  4. Professional Learning Process.


    As a Professor in both Visual Art and Industrial Design, I appreciate Sergei’s thorough and detailed explanations of the process as well as the reasoning behind the design decisions he utilizes in his workflow. Many training resources on the market only show the process and do not delve into the nuances of things like visual effect or creative decision making that Sergei gives us in his approach to teaching. The way in which the course is set up and presented makes it extremely easy to apply the learning material to many different design solutions. I’m certainly no expert in After Effects but this course has given me new tools and a renewed confidence to push my skills to a new level. Thanks Sergei!

  5. Very instructive ! Recommend it for all !


    I’m so glad I came across this course ! Sergei is a very good instructor, I really enjoyed the pace of its explanations, smooth, calm and all easy ease. Everything was crystal clear and I finally understand how to use these velocity options. I’ve learned a lot of shortcuts that blew my mind, it’s gonna save me a lot of time ! Thanks Sergei !

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