Learn After Effects Expressions 1.1

Learn After Effects Expressions 1.1 course from Ukramedia’s co-founder, Sergei Prokhnevskiy

Release 1.1:
Release 1.0:

Included in this course:

Course Curriculum

Introduction to After Effects Expressions FREE 00:07:04
Expression Tools
Introduction FREE 00:00:50
Adding Expressions FREE 00:03:22
Expression Buttons 00:09:10
Timeline Search Bar 00:01:12
Keyboard Shortcuts 00:05:31
Debugging Expressions 00:04:13
Property Reference Text Layers 00:01:58
Converting Expressions To Keyframes 00:01:35
Expression Controls Effects 00:15:20
Pseudo Effect 00:03:49
Savings Expressions as Presets 00:03:17
Behavior Presets 00:01:41
BOUNCr Ae Script by Tim Thiessen 00:06:44
Web Resources 00:01:00
Expression Basics
The Language of Expressions 00:18:53
Statements 00:11:40
Variables 00:07:05
Arithmetic Operators 00:11:07
An Introduction to Data Types 00:03:44
Primary Data Type – String 00:12:02
Primary Data Type – Number 00:13:50
Primary Data Type – Boolean 00:08:47
Non-Primitive Data Type – Array 00:21:02
Non-Primitive Data Type – Object 00:07:26
4 Different Ways To Round Numbers 00:02:29
How To Generate Random Numbers 00:04:59
Comments 00:05:11
If/Else Conditional Statement 00:11:45
Comparison & Logical Operators 00:04:20
Try/Catch Statement 00:02:15
Functions 00:03:20
For Loop 00:08:21
Time Property 00:10:19
Offsetting Time Property 00:09:02
How To Create a Modular Lower Third
Setup – Introduction FREE 00:04:25
Setup – Creating an Advanced Shape Layer 00:12:58
Setup – Creating Skew & Roundness Controls 00:04:03
Setup – Adding a Single Line of Text to the Lower Third 00:08:31
Setup – Adding a Second Line of Text to the Lower Third 00:07:38
Setup – Creating a Text Margin 00:03:39
Setup – Adding Top & Bottom Margins 00:04:12
Setup – Adding Left & Right Margins 00:04:10
Setup – Adding a Logo to the Lower Third 00:15:23
Setup – Creating Global Scale Controls 00:05:51
Setup – Masking a Logo & Text Layers 00:02:02
Setup – Creating a Stroke 00:01:45
Setup – Creating Color Controls 00:03:47
Setup – Creating Visibility Switches 00:16:20
Animation – Introduction FREE 00:01:54
Animation – Shape Layer Animation 00:09:10
Animation – Shape Layer Animation Offset 00:06:34
Animation – Text & Logo Animation 00:18:46
Animation – Stroke Animation 00:10:06
Animation – Alternative Logo & Text Animation 00:06:48
Animation – Alternative Shape Layer Animation 00:06:26
Animation – Alternative Stroke Animation 00:03:14
Exporting to Premiere Pro 00:08:01
Useful Expressions & Tutorials
16 Useful Expressions 00:28:02
19 Useful Expresssions 00:46:22
How To Offset Animation 00:04:04
charAt() Method 00:02:37
split() Method 00:04:14
toUpperCase() & toLowerCase() Method 00:04:44
toCompVec() Method 00:03:53
Math.min() & Math.max() Method 00:03:36
toFixed() & toPrecision() Method 00:01:52
How To Use Markers to Trigger Animation Without Keyframes 00:04:06
How To Auto Fade In & Out Based On Layer In & Out Points 00:03:57
Auto Fit To Comp Size Expression 00:03:56
3 Different Ways To Separate Dimensions in After Effects 00:02:46
How To Create a Hover-Over Effect 00:04:32
How To Change The Text In The Comp From The Comp Name 00:04:32
How To Create a Color Picker Effect 00:02:23
How To Create a Hover Button Effect 00:04:32
How To Convert Time into Frames 00:01:37
How To Create a Custom Clock 00:05:54
How To Create an Audio Meter Using Text & Expressions 00:04:16
How To Create an Audio Meter Using Shape Layers 00:03:50
How To Create A Random Word Cycle in After Effects 00:04:37
How To Trigger Layer Visibility with Sound and Expressions 00:18:33
How To Convert 1000 to 1k 00:05:56
Master Properties
Master Properties 00:14:56
How to Create an Automated Menu 00:50:22
Expressions News & Updates
7 Changes to the New Expressions Engine for After Effects 16.0 00:13:10
12 New Features For Expression Editor in After Effects 16.1 00:20:48

Course Reviews


20 ratings
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  1. A Great Jumpstart to Learning Expressions


    After coming across Sergei’s tutorials last year, I started using expressions much more frequently but wanted to learn more. I had hoped to find some books on JavaScript but had no idea where to start so that didn’t work. But this course was exactly what I needed. I now have a better understanding of how expressions are written and know where I can look to find out more. Sergei’s videos are quick and to the point which I liked compared to other online tutorials which can feel unnecessarily drawn out. Having unlimited access and being able to go back and reference them whenever I need is also super useful. Some of the earlier videos in the course covered things I already knew, but he brings up lots of little shortcuts I wasn’t aware of before, so definitely worth watching.

    (Side note: I joined the Ukramedia Facebook group and can’t believe how helpful Sergei and Vladimir are.)

    Hopefully this is just the beginning of what I’ll learn with expressions, but it’s already helped me save a ton of time at work and now I’m able to set up templates for other editors to work from. The course was definitely worth it.

  2. The best and most convenient source for learning Expressions in Adobe After Effects


    Ever since I started working in After Effects in 2012; I have always futzed around with the expressions tools on a very basic level. In the back of my mind, I had a hunch that expressions in after effects could do far more than what I was initially doing with the wiggle and random expressions. My curiosity encouraged me to look around but I could NEVER find any content that had an in depth explanation on the mechanics behind Expressions in After Effects. It was not until I came across Sergei’s tutorials about a year ago that began to satisfy my curiosity. I found myself watching his tutorials in the back of my Economics classes to finally sate my hunger for possibly the most expansive tool in Adobe After Effects. Despite this; I was able to pass the class with an A and also begin a journey into the powerful tool of After Effects Expressions. But I wanted more…

    Soon after my summer break began; low and behold his comprehensive After Effects expression course. Since binge watching the course over the span of a couple of weeks, I have learned more on expressions in 2 weeks than my entire career on After Effects . Not only did I learn how to use expressions but also how to apply the tool to real life applications that could transfer over to paid commercial projects. The best part is that the course fully loaded and ready to answer almost any question you might have on Expressions. Of course, I am still learning and can’t wait to continue my journey into Expression language. Nevertheless; I am comfortable saying that there is no other source online with such an in-depth library on using a tool that will transfer into dollars into my bank account.

    But of course; is it worth the money? Since purchasing the course I have been able to apply more than a handful of techniques to my professional work to accomplish tasks more efficiently and effectively. Because of this; I was able to reduce the amount of labor time it took to produce a motion graphics project substantially while retaining and even enhancing the quality of my work. Furthermore, I have worked with a couple of colleagues who are now awed by my improved knowledge on Expressions. I have been able to enhance my work flow and further master my craft after having the knowledge provided by Sergei.

    At the end of the day; I am confident in saying that this course is not an expense to my craft but an investment into my future as a motion graphics artist. This is easily one of the best sources on After Effects expression language and it will increase your skills 10 fold in an easy to understand, fast paced and comprehensive package.

  3. The BEST out there! 5 Stars PLUS!


    If I could give more than 5 stars I definitely would! For the past couple of years I have been following Sergei on YouTube and found his courses to be well thought out and presented in a way that benefited After Effects users at all levels. He is a master teacher.

    Recently, I have begun trying to learn expressions. For someone who does not know programming, I found it quite daunting. The YouTube expressions tutorials I found from others were not systematic and further confused me. I simply, just gave up – more than once.
    However, Sergei’s “Expressions Course” changed that. The material is presented, step by step, helping to build skills and giving me the confidence to go to the next level. I am no longer afraid to tackle expressions and actually look forward to it!

    A piece of advice… expressions is not easy. So, the way that I am using Sergei’s tutorials is what I call “the 3 step method.”
    Step 1. View the chapter without After Effects.
    Step 2. View the same chapter with After Effects. Pause frequently and replicate.
    Step 3. Same as Step 2 – this time try to experiment – change parameters, numbers etc. and come up with different results.

    Thank you Sergei! You had the guts to quit your lucrative job at Fox Sports in order to help others, myself included. For that I am indebted to you. God bless you.

  4. Unveiling the Power Of Expressions!


    This course is a must for both those who know After Effects and for those who never heard of expressions before, taking their craft a level further.

    I’ve always admired all the lore around After Effects expressions and always searched the internet to learn this subject but most videos I found can go so far, at times they’re targeted to people who already know expressions, or the basics aren’t solid enough, but Ukramedia changed the game!

    If you’ve seen the amazing Sergei’s Youtube videos about expressions, those are just the tip of the iceberg, and I am so happy he developed an entire course expanding the expressions knowledge. There’s so much to learn and this course does the job incredibly well.

    Even for the absolute beginner who doesn’t even know what expressions are, Sergei’s classes are lectured from the very basics of expressions and the lessons are built from the ground up, teaching you how it works and how to think in terms of what to expect from After Effects expression logic, increasing its difficulty by every video and leading you to intricate, but easy to follow along, After Effects knowledge.

    Expressions may seem complicated at first, but Sergei demystifies all that with excellent examples in each video, teaching you how to think the way After Effects works, so you can get the most of it.

    We have unlimited access to all the videos, so you can always come back and watch it again. The course excels in explaining in a progressive manner the ways of expressions, but if you’re having difficulties wrapping your mind around a specific topic, you can go to the next videos and always come back later. At times all we need to do is just to settle that information in our minds and then come back to fully understand it.

    You can follow along the videos downloading the project files and have the very same result as shown throughout the course, and that is both amazing and satisfying because you know that you can do the same stuff shown in the videos.

    The course constantly challenges us to connect all you have learned so far, the topics are strongly connected and everything can and will at some point be used.

    Sergei’s expressions knowledge is deep and enthralling and gave me motivation to go after some topics I overlooked for years, like Math and programming and to go even further in After Effects expressions.

    All the knowledge in the course has been helping me to automatize my animations and After Effects templates I create, taking it to the next level.

    You know a teacher succeeded whenever you see yourself wanting always more knowledge about that subject and what surrounds it, and Sergei did it!

    It’s been quite a ride and I can’t wait to learn more!

    All that is left to say is congratulate Sergei for putting so much effort, patience and dedication in a subject that’s believed not being easy to teach, until now. =)

    Дякую !

  5. These are very instructive traingen.


    I am very satisfied with!

  6. Amazing Course!


    I’ve been working with After Effects for awhile now and was always interested in learning more about Expressions. I did some research prior to taking this course and couldn’t really find an expressions course that was fairly easy to understand. This course is great for those that are new to expressions and want to not only learn how to use them, but also understand the ins and outs of them and why they are used. The course is extremely helpful and easy to follow along with. I came out of this course with a solid understanding of expressions and I’ve been able to use a lot of the expressions that I learned from the course in my day to day work!

  7. Game changing!


    Before taking this course i barely knew what expressions are, but now nothing can stop me from making anything i want in After Effects!
    While I was watching these lessons i got inspired and now i have so many ideas, that before, without any knowledge about expressions, i even thought i couldn’t make inside After Effects.
    Great job guys,I hope the following section of the course will be released soon!

  8. The perfect match for Mograph Artist


    Thanks Sergei for pulling this up. I’ll definitely recommend taking the course to any artist working in the motion design industry.

  9. Life changing


    This course has allowed me to take my designs to the next level. If you’re serious about motion design this course will help you take your projects to new levels.

    Bill Pettinelli

  10. This is great course but


    I like this course! I learn a lot of things but I was expected more JavaScript. Would you add lessons in the future?

  11. Very Useful


    For certainly less scared of expressions after taking this course. It cleared out a lot of things for me. Using expressions in all my projects now and loving it.

  12. Easy to learn.


    This course is very interesting and focused on specific topics. Sergei explains things in a so simply way that even who never worked on AE can learn. I want to suggest a modification. At the end of each chapter put a test so we can verify how we are learning. Test based on code will be great because it’s just matter of memory I guess.

  13. Very good course


    This is an exceptionally good course, I came here for the newly added lower third section, which is everything I wanted, even if I don’t want to make a lower third, there is so much that transfers to other ideas. I won’t knock off a star, but I was disappointed that a certain amount of the material in the course was content I’d already seen for free on the channel. I would expect that when you pay for content it should all be unique. That’s just feedback to help you improve your offerings in the future. Keep this amazing content coming.

  14. I have After Effects Superpowers!!


    I’ve been pursuing skills in After Effects for the past few years and I’ve learned a lot from the Ukramedia YouTube channel. But with their Learn After Effects [Expressions] course, I feel like there have been new doors opened to me—opportunities to automate my animating in ways that simplify the process without taking away the personality in the motion. Awesome work, guys!

  15. Clear as water


    I’ve been struggling to learn expressions for a while until now, this is just what I needed to get into the world of expressions and survive while doing it. Sergei explains things as clear as they can be… very recommended!!!

  16. Simple AWSOME!!!


    The course is very good structured. And even I already worked with expressions for several years, I learned a lot, because the tutor shows so well the absolut concept and helps to understand who expressions/JavaScript works.
    There is a saying: give a man a fish and you feed him for one day. Show him fishing and you feed him for his whole life. And here you learn “fishing with expressions”.
    Thanks a lot to Ukramedia and Sergei Prokhnevskiy for this awsome training. It is worth every single cent!

  17. This is a very good and amazing course!


    This is a very good and amazing course. I learned a lot from this course while . Now i like expressions for After effects The course is very good structured .
    A lot of Thank you Sergei !!!

  18. Worlds most advanced After Effects Expression Course available right now!


    If there is an option to give 1 thousand stars, I definitely would! I’m using After Effects since 2016 and I have been following Sergei on YouTube since 2017. Though I learnt a lot from his youtube tutorials, I wanted to have this course since it released. This course changes the way of thinking about my workflow. Now I always try to make my projects flexible and userfriendly that I couldn’t even think about. Thank you Sergei! You change my life.

  19. Sergei Doesn't Miss a Beat


    After a healthy warm up of short, concise videos explaining the language of expressions, prepare to have your mind blown putting it all in to practice when you make a professional, modular lower third.

    Sergei delivers accurately and concisely, he includes keyboard shortcuts and holds nothing back, and does not miss a beat in delivery!

    If you are a motion designer in any capacity, this is the fast pass to expressions you’ve been waiting for. The skills taught here will speed up your workflow in After Effects forever.

    Just do it

  20. Great Course!


    With a very straightforward explanation, and practical samples that make every expressions even easier to understand. It’s a great course to learn about the fundamental of After Effects expressions.
    Besides, I can visit the course over and over to remind me again in the future.
    Thanks for sharing!

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