Convert to Point Text in After Effects

In After Effects, we can quickly create a Paragraph Text by first selecting the Type Tool.

Convert to Point Text in After Effects

and then drawing the size of the paragraph like so.

Next, we need to type some text inside of the paragraph and just like that we have a paragraph with text.

The cool thing is that we can actually adjust the paragraph box.

As you can see, the text is fully responsive. In some cases, this comes in very handy. However, there are times when we want the text to be fixed in place. In other words, the text has to be converted from the Paragraph Text to Point Text.

Fortunately, we do convert it quickly without having to recreate the whole thing from scratch. Let me show you how.

Step 1: Select the text and make sure you are in Type Tool.

Step 2: Right click on the text and choose Convert to Point Text

And just like that it is going to give us Point Text.

As you can see from the screenshot above, we do not have a bounding box anymore.

To return back to the bounding box, we need to simple select the text layer but first we need to make sure the Type Tool is selected.

Right click on the Paragraph Text and choose Convert Paragraph Text from the drop down menu.

And just like that we are back to Paragraph Text.

I hope you found this After Effects tip useful!

About the author:

Sergei Prokhnevskiy

Sergei Prokhnevskiy is a Charlotte, NC based motion graphics designer, an online tutor, an entrepreneur, and Adobe MAX Master Speaker. Sergei is known for his quick and practical After Effects tips and tricks on YouTube, where he generated well over 6 million views on his tutorials. He has authored an online video course on After Effects Expressions and developed scripts for After Effects. He is also a former senior motion graphics designer at Fox Sports where he worked on graphics for NFL, Super Bowl, MLB, World Series, College Football, NASCAR, Women’s World Cup, and NASCAR Race Hub. He is very passionate about learning and teaching others.


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