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Feb 23, 2022
Smart Resizer v 2.1

🔥 New


Smart Resizer 2.1 is Now Available!

Basic Math in the UI Text Editor

Basic math is now available inside the UI text editor. This works for all Smart Resizer UI properties.

Width & Height Keywords

Users can now use width and height keywords inside the UI text editor. This also works for all Smart Resizer UI. When keyword width or height is typed, the user will get the width or height value of the active composition.


The Current Time (Static) button in the Size Based On tab is now working properly. In the preview release, it didn’t update the Custom Time properties in the Smart Resizer Pseudo Effect.

Minor UI Update

Dividers in the UI were adjusted to fully extend to the edge of the entire UI.

Feb 18, 2022
Smart Resizer v 2.0

🔥 New

Smart Sizer Is Now Smart Resizer

The main reason for the name change is to avoid confusion with another Smart Tool called Smart Size. Smart Sizer and Smart Size are two completely different tools and the name change helped to create a stronger gap between the two tools.

New User Interface & Experience

The main reason for the UI change is to maintain a similar user experience across all Smart Tools.

1. New top shelf has been introduced with a Run button, similar to other Smart Tools. Prior to this release, Smart Sizer had a different workflow without the Run button and this approach changed the way it works.

2. Code Mode buttons have been added. This tool has two different modes. Code Mode (Off) and Code Mode (On). Code Mode (Off) only resizes selected layers. Code Mode (On) resizes selected layers and it also applies a pseudo effect with an expression applied to the layer scale property. This comes in very handy when creating Mogrts (Motion Graphics Temples) because it makes the layer size responsive.

3. Icon Tabs have been introduced to switch between different properties. This helps to keep the UI small, more efficient, and to have a better user experience. Icon tabs will also allow adding more features in later releases without increasing the size of the entire UI.

4. Global and Local Reset buttons have been added to quickly reset properties in one or multiple tabs.

5. Pull Width/Height buttons have been added to pull in the width/height of the selected layer into the width/height text editor in the UI.

6. Size Based On tab has been introduced in the UI. This feature has always been available inside of the Smart Sizer Pseudo Effect. Now it is also available in the UI. Why is Size Based On feature important? If the layer size is animated, it changes with time. That means layer size isn’t always the same and it’s very important to specify where in the timeline the user wants to get the size from. Size Based On buttons help the user to get the size of selected layers at a specific time.

7. Arrow buttons have been added to the width, height, top margin, and left margin. These buttons increase/decrease the value by 1 px.

Layer Scale Limit Feature

This feature is only visible in the Pseudo Effect of the Smart Resizer and not in the UI. The main reason for adding this is to avoid the scale problem it used to create when a user would type a single small character like a period or a comma. This feature mainly runs on its own and doesn’t require attention. However, the limit is available for users to edit in the Pseudo Effect.

Fixed Errors

Smart Resizer doesn’t create an error when the text is blank or when the user would set the scale of the text animator to 0%. That issue has been resolved.

Code Changes

The code in both expressions and script has been updated to be more efficient.


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