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067: Make & Share as Much as Possible – Chris Koelsch

Animator and Illustrator, Chris Koelsch, is the owner of This ‘n That Studio in Columbus, Ohio! In this episode, Chris …

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066: Never Worry About Money – Bob Bergen

It was a huge honor to speak with animation voiceover artist, Bob Bergen! With 29 years experience in the industry, Bob …

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065: Make Stuff That Means Stuff – Greg Stewart

Greg Stewart is an Art Director and Animator at Ordinary Folk. Website: | Sponsor: provides the best stock footage elements …

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064: Set Aside Your Ego – Jessica La

Jessica La is a designer, illustrator, and animator based in Los Angeles, California. Website: Sponsor: provides the best …

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063: Make Genuine Connections with People, and Success Will Follow – Casey Latiolais

Casey Latiolais (LACH-aw-lay). Art Director at Buck, Los Angeles. Lover of pups, outside, & motorbikes. Website: Find this podcast …

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062: Success Follows Passion – Michael Jones

Michael Jones is the founder of an online motion graphics school called MoGraph Mentor. He also launched a physical campus …

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061: Do Things That Make You Uncomfortable – Kelsey Brannan (aka Premiere Gal)

Today’s guest is Kelsey Brannan also known as the Premiere Gal. She is the Creator of Premiere Gal Media. Her …

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060: Don’t Let Your Work Be Your Identity – JR Canest

Today’s guest is the one and only Jorge Canedo, also known as JR Canest. This is a man who doesn’t …

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059: Focus on the Task at Hand – Sonja Geracsek

Sonja Geracsek is a freelance motion graphics designer, based in Munich, Germany. She is very active in the motion graphics …

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058: From Research Scientist to Children’s Book Illustrator – Simona Ceccarelli

 Today’s guest is a very talented children’s book illustrator, Simona Ceccarelli. She is half British, half Italian, half Swiss …

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