What is Ukramedia?


Our mission is to provide valuable resources to creative individuals, equipping them with tools for efficiency, continued education and community.

We believe in efficiency. We break down and simplify processes that may seem overwhelming for people. Time is our most precious asset so we want to help you maximize it by providing you with tips and tricks you can easily apply in your work. We have made over 100 tutorials focusing on this.

We believe in continuing your education. We never stop learning. That is why we are designing premium step-by-step courses to provide in-depth instruction on highly requested subjects in the Motion Graphics field.

We also launched our very own Podcast! We interview highly creative people in the industry, providing our listeners with great insight and tips for their careers and everyday life!

We  believe in community. We need each other. There are too many groups that create an illusion of perfection. It leaves no room for people to grow and unfortunately creates great insecurity with no solutions. Ukramedia’s goal is to change that. We have created a mentoring group through our Facebook page that allows for all creatives to come together for mentoring, growth and encouragement. We refer to these members as family, because that is what it feels like!

We strive to continuously bring value into the Motion Graphics industry. We want to grow you in your field in hopes you will achieve your dreams.

We look forward to serving you.



Our Story


Twin brothers, Sergei and Vladimir Prokhnevskiy moved to the United States in 2001. Learning a new language and adjusting to a new culture comes with dedication and time. One day, a man in the community that was helping the family get settled, dropped off a computer for them. The twins began exploring the software that was already uploaded on the computer, which happened to have Adobe’s products installed! This sparked great interest in video and editing. They saw it as a way of communicating during a time when it did not come easy.

They would dream about a time they would one day have their own business, naming it Ukramedia.

As the twins grew and began to pursue careers, Sergei went into the field of Motion Graphics while Vladimir pursed Graphic Design and Web Development.

After entering the work field, in 2012, Sergei began making video tutorials as a way of helping others learn After Effects.

The videos generated a great response from viewers. People were sending heartfelt messages of thanks from all over the world!

In 2017, Sergei and Vladimir became partners in what is now known as Ukramedia.