20 Free After Effects Scripts

Jeff Almasol from has made a bundle of 50 After Effects scripts available for free at These scripts are time savers! In return, Jeff suggests you consider passing the savings onto organizations doing good work. Jeff is a super talented guy with a huge heart and I wanted to acknowledge him by demonstrating some of his scripts in this tutorial. I decided to focus on only 20 of his scripts so this tutorial wouldn’t be too long. Enjoy!

00. Installing Scripts
01. rd: Script Launcher
02. rd: Batch Layer Converter
03. rd: Copy Markers
04. rd: Key Markers
05. rd: Remove Keys
06. rd: Remove Markers
07. rd: Divvy Up
08. rd: Kinda Sorta
09. rd: Masks to Shapes
10. rd: Shapes to Masks
11. rd: New Parallax Null
12. rd: Que Es Span Null
13. rd: New Project From Comp
14. rd: Pre-compose
15. rd: Comp Sheet
16. rd: Slicer
17. rd: Scooter
18. rd: Shifter
19. rd: Movement
20. rd: Snap Decisions

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June 7, 2018

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