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16 Useful Expressions in After Effects

There is always a need for speed in this fast paced motion design world. It’s definitely something we can all agree on. You can always get more money, but you can’t get more time. That’s the truth. Everyday I look for ways to speed up my workflow, and there are so many ways to save time. I highly recommend checking out my tips and tricks tutorials at

In this tutorial, I want to shine the light on Expressions. It’s amazing how far a simple line of text can take you. Unfortunately, many of us still fear expressions. I want to change that by showing you 16 simple expressions you can use daily. They are easy to remember and quick to execute. Give this tutorial a try and you’ll be amazed by the simplicity of these expressions. I hope you enjoy it!

16 Useful Expressions in After Effects:
01. 00:14 Value
02. 02:11 Layer Index
03. 04:17 Time
04. 05:14 valueAtTime()
05. 06:59 sourceRectAtTime()
06. 09:28 loopIN() & loopOUT()
07. 11:33 ease() & linear()
08. 13:41 clamp()
09. 15:13 toComp() & toWorld()
10. 17:49 wiggle()
11. 18:22 if/else
12. 19:59 length()
13. 23:11 Math.abs()
14. 24:35 Math.round()
15. 25:22 random()
16. 26:18 Math.min() & Math.max()

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About the author:

Sergei Prokhnevskiy

Sergei Prokhnevskiy is a Charlotte, NC based motion graphics designer, an online tutor, an entrepreneur, and Adobe MAX Master Speaker. Sergei is known for his quick and practical After Effects tips and tricks on YouTube, where he generated well over 6 million views on his tutorials. He has authored an online video course on After Effects Expressions and developed scripts for After Effects. He is also a former senior motion graphics designer at Fox Sports where he worked on graphics for NFL, Super Bowl, MLB, World Series, College Football, NASCAR, Women’s World Cup, and NASCAR Race Hub. He is very passionate about learning and teaching others.


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